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We are Icypeas. A team of network engineers, software developers and sales automation experts. We help sales teams enrich their prospects lists with contact data.
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A More Open World

Until recently, finding information about prospects was expensive, time-consuming and uncertain. We are building a more open world where market information is abundant and commoditized. 

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We Struggled Too

Pierre Landoin cofounded 3 companies before Icypeas. Each time, he struggled to access his market. Searching for contact data was too much time-consuming. 

With Corentin Ribeyre, PhD in computer science, they designed a revolutionary AI-based software solution to find contact data, using SMTP and other public sources.

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People Behind the Scenes

Corentin Ribeyre
PhD in AI and Software Architect
Pierre Landoin
B2B Sales Expert and Serial Entrepreneur
Eduardo Hermana
Sales Representative
Polyglot and Enthusiastic Demo MC
Nadia Kabbach
Customer Success Manager
Problem Solver and Onboarding Ninja
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Strong Cultures Antagonize

We asked ourselves what principles would force people to take a stand. 
Here are our 4 (non-consensual) pillars:

Long run

We value robustness and scalability over quick and dirty. We believe in clean code, work factoring and automation. We play for the long term.


We value rationality over emotion. "No ego" is a mantra. We do not hesitate to put a stop to a project or a contract.

Hacker Mindset

We value transgression over obedience. We believe that rules and norms are made to be discussed and modified. We seek to outsmart the world.

Hard Work

We always go the extra mile. We like to take on challenges. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.