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Crush Your Sales Goals

Enrichment is the bottleneck in automated sales workflows. Improving the efficiency of your enrichment phase is the best and easiest way to increase your sales team productivity. Enrichment is the most underrated quick-win among sales teams. Think about it! Below is a quick overview of our product.
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Supercharge Your Sales Machine

By manually searching for contact data, salespeople lose an average of 1 hour per day. It means 3 days a month. Moreover, this task is a huge demotivator for your team. Finally, humans make mistakes. Automated enrichment is a no-brainer.


Team Up With The Top

We are proud to demonstrate the highest discovery rates of the entire Salestech industry. 

To explore how Icypeas compares with alternative solutions, check out our benchmark performance report. 

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Work In Line With CCPA And GDPR

Icypeas is ISO 27001 certified, CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned.

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Get More Data Than Anywhere Else

We process hundreds of millions of data points each year for our users. Whether you are targeting the US, the EU, AMEA or the entire world, Icypeas is the right data source.

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Integrate Top-of-the-art Enrichment In Your Workflow

Icypeas can be accessed in different ways and depending on your preferred use case. Do not change your habits : we adapt to you.


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