How to optimize your Linkedin URL to get more visitors?

Pierre Landoin
November 14, 2023
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In this article we’ll detail what is a Linkedin URL, the different types of Linkedin URL that currently exist. We will then see how you can customize your own Linkedin URL and how it can benefit your overall SEO and employability. Finally, we’ll see how you can put a newly improved Linkedin URL to use.

What is a Linkedin URL?

A Linkedin URL is the place where a Linkedin Profile can be found on the internet. But your URL can be modified and this can have an impact on your overall visibility on the platform.

Your Linkedin URL is comprised of 2 parts:

This second part, the customizable part corresponds to your full name (here “pierre-baptiste-landoin”) followed by your user number (“98b8972b”).

What are the different types of Linkedin URL?

There are three different types of Linkedin URLs : 

  • Personal Linkedin URLs or Public Profile URLs - Customizable

This URL can serve as a digital business card or can be included in email signatures, it redirects directly to your personal profile.

  • Company Linkedin URLs - Customizable

This URL is used to share a company with colleagues, prospects and/or recruiters. Furthermore it helps in SEO optimization on Google

  • Group Linkedin URLs - Not Customizable

The Linkedin Groups are virtual gatherings where industry professionals with similar interests have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, exchange thoughts, and position themselves as experts in their field.

Why is it important?

Having a tailored and optimized Linkedin profile URL is crucial to your personal branding. Not only does it appear more professional to potential employers or prospects but it also betters your SEO provided you use the right keywords.

According to a study, on average a Linkedin Top Voice Profile URL is around 3 times as likely as a Random Profile URL to be customized. Additionally, more than 95% of Linkedin Top Voices’ Profiles URLs are customized. Linkedin URLs : Top Voices vs Random People

Having a custom URL is common practice among the most successful profiles on the platform. The sheer fact that nearly every one of the best referenced Linkedin profiles focus on their URL being optimized should be enough for you to customize yours.

How to customize one’s Linkedin Profile’s URL?

STEP 1 : Go to your personal profile

STEP 2 : Click on the pen next to Public Profile & URL

STEP 3 : Click on Edit your Custom URL

STEP 4 : Enter the URL you want for your profile

STEP 5 : Take a look at your updated Linkedin Profile URL

A few example of optimized Linkedin URLs

You could go a lot of ways when it comes to Linkedin URLs. It is mostly up to you to find what works best for you, here are a few examples of Linkedin URLs that could boost your profile.

The Traditional: 'First Name + Last Name'

The Corporate: 'First Name + Last Name + Company'

The Professional: 'First Name + Last Name + Job Title'

The Special One: 'The + First Name + Last Name'

The Impersonal: 'Job title'

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Remember that Linkedin is a professional platform, your URL should reflect professionalism. Your Profile URL should not be too long nor too complicated.

Having consistency with other professional profiles (like your twitter handle, your professional website…) is a valuable asset as well.

Lastly, keep in mind you can only change your profile URL 5 times within a 6-months period.

How to profit on an optimized Linkedin profile URL

Now that you are all set and have a fresh and improved profile URL, let’s see how you can put it to use : 

  • You can mention your Linkedin profile URL in your bio on other social media like Twitter or Facebook. You can also enter your URL in the ‘website’ field of your Instagram profile for example
  • You can put your Linkedin URL on your resume, it gives the recruiters another source of information on yourself when considering your application. You just have to make sure that your URL is properly spelled because a link that goes nowhere would seem unprofessional.
  • A new thing that has become a trend lately is to link your Linkedin profile URL to a QR code that you can put on your resume or on your business card. As this way of sharing your Linkedin profile is relatively new, it could be a way for you to stand out while showing that you are comfortable with new technologies.
  • Another place where you can put your Linkedin profile URL is your digital signature at the end of your email

Key Takeaways

You now have all the information you need to guarantee that you make the best Linkedin profile  URL possible for yourself.
As a reminder :

  • You can change your personal profile URL and your company profile URL but you CAN’T change a group’s URL
  • Your Linkedin URL is key to both your SEO and your appearance to potential prospects/employers
  • Your personal URL should reflect your personality while being short and striking
  • Remember you can only change it 5 times within a 6-month period, be wary and careful when changing your URL
  • Do not hesitate to share it, whether it is via email or even as a QR code on your CV, to not profit on an optimized URL is a waste of opportunity

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