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How to use Icypeas on Zapier

Here is a video tutorial:

Alternatively, you can read the text tutorial below.

Summary : 

  • I. Email search (single search)
  • II. Domain search (single search)
  • III. Email verification (single search) 

I. Email search (single search)

This workflow is dedicated to email search. Once completely finished, your workflow will look like this:

1) Create a sheet in your Google Drive account.

2) On Zapier, select “New Zap” in the Zaps section :

3) Click on the trigger cell :

Type 'Google Sheets' and select the Google Sheets module :

4) Then, on 'App & Event', select the event 'New or Updated Spreadsheet Row' and click continue.

5) Connect your account and click continue.

6) In the trigger section, select the spreadsheet you created in the first step and the associated worksheet. Then, select 'any_column' and click continue.

7) Manually open your spreadsheet in your Google Drive account, and copy the inscriptions from the picture :

8) In the 'test' section, click on 'find new records' and add the record we just created.

9) Add a new action step to your workflow by clicking on the action button :

10) Select “Icypeas” :

11) In the "App & Event" section, select "Email Search" and click "Continue."

12) Connect your Icypeas account:

You will need your API key to connect to your Icypeas account. You can find it in the "API" section of your Icypeas profile.

Enter your API key here:

Then, click "Continue."

13) In the "Action Section," select the columns we created previously in your sheet.

14) In the "Test" section, after testing your step, you should see a result similar to the following :

15) Now it's time to retrieve the results. Add a new section after the Icypeas one by clicking on the "+" symbol :

Add a new Icypeas section (follow step 10). In the "App & Event" section, select "Get Single Results."

16) In the "Action" section, you will need your User ID and your Search ID :

You can find your User ID in your Icypeas account, under your profile, in the API section.

For your Search ID, simply click on the cell, select "Email Search on Icypeas," and then choose "ID."

Select "Single" as the search mode :

Click "Continue."

17) In the "Test" section, test your step. You should see a result similar to the following image :

We can see that we found the email of Sergey Brin: sergey.brin@google.com.

II. Domain search (single search)

Follow the same steps as the Email Search, BUT with these changes :

At step 11): Select "Domain Search" instead of "Email Search."

At step 13): In the "Action" section, simply select the domain or company name (which is on your spreadsheet). Don’t forget to test your module to obtain your Search ID!

At step 16): Choose your Search ID: select the one corresponding to your Domain Search. Click on "Test Step" to find your email!

III. Email verification (single search)

The process is quite similar to the Email Search. Here are the changes you need to make:

First, ensure your Google Sheet has an email section for the email you want to verify.

Then, in step 11), select "Email Verification" instead of "Email Search" and click "Continue."

In step 13), select the email you added to your Google Sheet. You can click on the cell and select the "Email" column. In this example, it will use sergey.brin@google.com. Don’t forget to test this step to retrieve your Search ID.

In step 16), you only need to select the Verification ID associated with your email verification. Choose the one corresponding to your email verification. Click on "Test Step" to see if your email is correct! If not, your email won't appear in the results. If it is correct, here is what you should see :